IB Customer Service is Poor

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  1. IB you need to get it together, I've sent in tickets that never get answered and if they do sometimes it's weeks later. Today, your export utility for Monthly Statements DOES NOT export in EXCEL format or anything else besides HTML - Try selecting a different format and all you get HTML - So I call your customer service and let them know - they say there gone for the day, call back later, SAY What! I'm not your freaking IT department - How ABOUT YOU get up off your a$$ and YOU NOTIFY your own damn IT department! I DON"T WORK FOR YOU!!! YOU WORK FOR ME!!!
  2. sacrilege. Go say 10 hail IBs and your blasphemy might be forgiven.
  3. I guess it depends on who you deal with. My support person @ IB is super great. Big props to her.
  4. I notice the rants against IB are more and more from those with almost no posting history.

    Just an observation.
  5. sorry bro but i've been trading for 15 years and have had an IB account for 5 years so screw off!
  6. probably since i don't waste my time on Forums like yourself...get a life and go F@#$OFF
  7. OnlyIf


    IB have resolved every issue I've had as promptly as can be expected (I've had a couple that needed discussions with their development team to figure out so they weren't immediate responses).

    I'm also a new poster with more experience than stockgirl and a more pleasant demeanour :)
  8. IB doesn't want dumbasses like you who NEED support. Best brokerage out ther for SMART people. You need support? Go pay more for it somewhere else! Putz!
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    Hold up there little pup. Why you been there 5 years??? Don't get cute, just answer this simple question.
  10. nice! stockgirl - you should post more often:D
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