IB customer service hell!!!

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    I'm trying to send some money to an IB account.. I'm not near a bank branch, can't initiate an ACH or Wire transfer from a "participating bank affiliate branch"... decide to send a Bank Check. I buy same but can't find mailing address to send it to... I call up on the phone yesterday and am told that I should have printed that out when I filled out the instruction on IB's website.. they tell me to cancel the instruction and start another one... today I do that, go through all the tedious steps and there is no page telling me anything about where to send the check!! I decide to chat, their chat is not working!!

    Now I guess I'm supposed to sit here while my cell phone cooks my brain for minutes on end on hold...

    Is anybody using Sierra Charts with another futures broker and loving it??
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    Yep. I use Sierra + Ninja and go through Mirus.

    Sorry about your headache though.
  3. How can ACH be out of the question? You're using a US Bank, right? ABA, account number... they send two small deposits and you're good to go. You initiate the ACH from IB, not your bank.

    I can't understand why it's so difficult for people to embrace the 21st Century.
  4. IB home page > Top right corner > How Do I > Select Deposit Funds

    A movie will walk you through the process.



    Interactive Brokers LLC
    8 Greenwich Office Park
    Greenwich, CT 06831-0504
    Attn: IBCD


    Interactive Brokers LLC
    P.O. Box 5235
    Greenwich, CT 06831-0504
    Attn: IBCD
  5. The barrier to entry is pretty effective, apparently.
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    I clicked the movie link, it's dead!! But it's all better now, I asked Jesus for help and then I called up and a guy walked me through the process and it's in the mail!!
  7. IB places instructions about this sort of stuff all over the place on their web site and especially on the client account log in page. If you're a client and don't know about how to send IB money, then shame on you. It's YOUR responsibility to understand how it works. If you don't like it, find another broker.

    This is sooooo typical, whining after the fact. Whining about something you did wrong or ignored in the first place.

    All ANYONE ever has to do is read the god blessed directions!
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    IB customer service wait times have improved surprisingly lower - at least when I had to reach out to them in past couple of days, the rep. joined the online chat within just few seconds.

    I still want to complain about their high commissions, not adding cash to my account just to surprise me, and not giving me heads up on where the market will close on a given day.
  9. To get the actual closing prices by 2PM EST , you have to subscribe to the feed.
  10. Joke all you want, but IB still has two serious issues.

    Their futures commissions are still too high, even after their recent price cut on the first 1000 sides. IB is very aggressive in stock and option commissions, so why not futures commissions?

    IB does not properly test new versions of TWS and the API before releasing them and making the customers do the actual testing in live trading.
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