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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by moffitt, May 23, 2002.

  1. moffitt


    For the past two weeks I have suddenly been receiving crossed markets on my TWS. This happens all day long and on the most active stocks. I inquired and was told to make sure that I am running the current version of TWS. Which I have upgraded
    and is current. But the problem still exists. I have been an account for many months and have not had this. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?? :confused:
  2. Happens all the time, not a IB problem.
  3. It does happen a bit more with IB - the problem is that the TWS quotes are often stale. It happens constantly with QQQ's on BEST - so often that I actually thought it was a real arb opportunity the first time I saw it.
  4. We get it all the time on a consolidated feed between the regionals/ECNs and the primary.
  5. moffitt


    What I don't understand is that I have not had this problem until this past two weeks.Now it's an all day everyday occurance.
  6. moffitt


    I look at QQQ for the Amex and Island. The quotes I get sure do look like a great arb opportunity. But I know that can't be the case. I never tried to even give it a shot. You mention stale
    quotes. Do you think that all my quotes are coming late?
  7. I only see this regularly for the Q's, but that isn't to say it doesn't happen for other stocks, although I haven't noticed this happening often for other stocks (can't even remember the last time I saw a bad IB quote for a stock I trade). For $2, you can see if the arb opportunity really exists :D

    My experience is that IB quotes are often faster and more reliable than, say, quote.com, but much slower than a premium service like realtick or esignal. Of course, unless you are using DSL, cable, T1, etc. you will often have stale quotes from any provider.
  8. Eldredge


    I think that if you look, you will find the crossed quotes eminate from AMEX most of the time. Just IGNORE AMEX. They are a bunch of thieves, and their quotes don't mean much. NYSE Specialists aren't much better some times. Look at Island, and you will know where the real market is.
  9. moffitt


    I use a DSL line. What is the best market to follow the QQQ??
    I keep watching them but havn't pulled the trigger on them.