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    If I were to trade the E mini S&P future contract future with IB, what would the fees be for the following:

    1. Approx commission (on their website they seem to quote $4.80 RT?)
    2. Platform and charting fees per month (I assume this is free)
    3. Market data fees per month (looking for live quotes bid & offer + market depth etc, don't know if this would be non-professional/professional)
    4. Inactivity fees per month
    5. Any other fees for non-US residents per month (i.e. transfering money etc)

    I have tried asking IB this, but they just point me to their website. Sometimes it is difficult trying to piece all this information together.

    Many thanks everyone.
  3. bennie83


    Thank you so much. IB were unable to answer this! So would you recommned IB for trading futures?

    What about Velocity Futures or Tradestaion? I've heard good things about these two.
  4. teun


    3. Minimum charge is $10, not $30
  5. bennie83


    Does that market data package include level 2 depth of market for e mini S&P contract (and other contracts?)?
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  7. bennie83


    oh, I thought Velocity were cheaper? $4.73 RT and that's for non subscription members
  8. cstfx


    That's 5.73, not 4.73, and more than IB's 4.80.
  9. bennie83


    How strange they quoted me $4.73 the other day for 50 RT trades per month
  10. bennie83


    This is an extract from the email Velocity sent me based on 50 RT per month and non-subscription.

    "For the free Xtrader, you’re looking at $4.73 RT and $4.33 for Strategy Runner for the ES product.

    If you’re going to be trading 500 contracts (250 RT) per month, then I would suggest subscribing because that is the break even point.

    Minimum account opening balance for the free XTrader is $5,000 and $10,000 for subscription w/one exchange"
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