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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by zdreg, May 9, 2006.

  1. zdreg


    i can not get into interactive brokers.com.
    connection refused

    anybody have similar problem or solution for this problem
  2. ivob


    I have the same problem.

    Their website has been down for sure for more than one hour and a half now.

    I have been trying to ping them from the US and Europe but no reply whatsoever.

    Must be something serious. I'm so glad I'm at this moment not into any big positions and I will always enter my stops in their system together with the orders.

    Can anyone remember this has happened before at IB? (I'm new). Is this normal? Make me seriously question whether I should stay with them.

  3. lastick


    It's only the website, other servers are working fine.
  4. I've the same problem, but it seems TWS is working properly.
  5. zdreg


    i think i understand what you are saying.
    i can get into tws through "stand alone version" but cannot open tws through internet because connection is refused.
    while tws is working on stand alone if i press help it says connection is refused.
  6. Steve_IB

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  7. IB's website is ok now.
  8. ivob


    Right now I cannot login into TWS. Anyone having this problem?

    When trying to login the message "login in progress" just stays on the screen forever.

    webtrader gives no problems.
  9. Damrak


    Same here, in Holland.

    Why is the status page saying all is well when it's obvious there are login problems for more than an hour ?
  10. zdreg


    switch your server to another country
    #10     May 10, 2006