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    Fine early this morning, then on and off since around 1 PM Eastern time. Now out completely. Here is what IB says regarding system status:

    OK, let me get this straight. All of my other Internet applications including Vonage, email, web, etc. are fine, but the problem is not with IB or the latest release of TWS, the problem is with every major ISP and they expect the ISP's to conform to TWS. If I call Comcast about this WTF are they going to say? Some $10 Comcast telephone rep is going to know what TWS is and get right on it, huh? Give me a break.

    I need TWS to feed live data to AmiBroker. That's the main reason I've stayed with IB (plus low commissions). But this might be the last straw.
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    Just take the easy way. Move to some place where you don't have Comcast.
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    IB should give us more details about the problem. How can we describe the issue to Comcast?
  4. had the problem. every single other site was fine except TWS. eventually switched to DSL and connected right away to IB.

    the bad news:
    took me a while to figure out what's going on and i missed an important trade :(

    the good news:
    will probably get a better entry tomorrow :D

    i do have Comcast, i don't recall this issue coming up before
  5. I have had the problems with Bright House. I called them and they have no clue what I am talking about. They said since I can get every other site on my computer that it must be a server problem on IB's side. I guess it will now also be a commission problem on IB's side if not fixed soon.
  6. And I am now on line with IB.
  7. I too have Comcast but I call BS on IB. Every website works fine but IB TWS and it's Comcast's fault??
  8. Agree 100 % - what a lame response from IB .It better be fixed tomorrow.
  9. Maybe those ISPs are blocking the TWS port? Used to be port 4000 if I remember. Maybe they flagged TWS as a peer to peer program and are actively blocking it? Wouldn't be the first time...
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