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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by johnk49, Jan 9, 2009.

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    All week I have had problems with IB,I keep getting a box coming up saying "Accept incoming connection attempt?"
    My internet is working so I can't see what the problem is.Any ideas.Thanks.
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    you get that box when you have an external program trying to access IB's API functionality. Are you running something like Ninja or BT or something like an Excel spreadsheet?
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    not trying to get into a pissing contest, but you only get that message when some external program is trying to access the IB system on your computer. Look at what the question asks : Do you want to accept an INCOMING connection, not do you want to connect with an external source, in this case you mean the IB servers.

    And if it not a program you are running, then something you are unaware of is trying to access your TWS on your computer.
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    I see! Thanks for your help.The only program I can think of is Avira anti-virus,could it be that?
  6. No connection problems here today but I have bid/ask quotes missing on 1 tws station.

    After logging off and back on the bad symbol now has quotes but another symbol missing bid/ask.

    Something screwey with their servers today.
  7. It is not Avira, as I run Avira and TWS with no problem.

    As ctsfx said "you have an external program trying to access IB's API functionality". If you don't know what software is running on your computer you need to bring up the task manager and verify every process running until you find the problem software.
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    I brought up task manager and it has loads of tasks,problem is I don't what is what!
  9. It's a pain in the @ss but you need to google each program you don't recognize and verify it's not malware. There are many sites which list processes and what they do.

    You might also consider downloading process explorer from microsoft (google it) as supposedly there are ways malware writers can hide a process from task manager (but not process explorer).

    You also might want to run one (or more) malware scanners such as ad aware, spybot search and destroy, etc.

    If you are not using the API at all you should disable it under the Tools menu.

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    Can't remember but can't you access the TWS API from anywhere unless you specifically have it locked down to certain IP addresses?

    The OP should ensure firewall is on.

    A NETSTAT with the appropriate flags should show what processes are trying to connect to the TWS API port....normally 7496

    Try something like:

    netstat -abfo -p TCP

    Then in the second column, "Foreign Address", check for anything that ends with ":7496"

    Sorry, if the above instructions aren't very clear or inaccurate. You'll figure it out.

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