IB connection problems today?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tomahawk, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. ... anyone?

    At first I thought it was my modem, but reset everything and still getting IB pink outs while access to other websites is fine.

    Just wondered if it was only me.
  2. Bob111


    no problem
  3. rcj


    OK here. Houston area on Windstream.

    10am CDT
  4. rwk


    For several days now my computer sits on the splash screen for several minutes during log-in. Once logged in, everything appears normal. My Internet connection is operating normally.
  5. Thanks guys.

    To rwk, yeah that's the other thing. TWS took forever to load today - much worse than even the usual snail's pace. It also seems to be running sluggishly once I do get connected.
  6. Do any of you guys use the IB API?

    And / or automate trading via IB?
  7. rwk


    Yes and yes.
  8. No Eurex data here while US data was fine.
  9. Bob111


    same here
  10. Bob111


    #10     Aug 3, 2011