IB connection problems AGAIN

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Tech Analysis, May 7, 2002.

  1. Been logged off and on all morning. This has been an issue for several weeks. What is today's excuse??

    Every time it reconnects it clears the buy and sell transaction lines as well.

    If anyone at IB monitors this board PLEASE already - get your collectives asses in gear.
  2. just21


    try a different isp, I have not been logged off for weeks.
  3. try a different isp, I have not been logged off for weeks.
  4. mbg


    IB has been great as of late - check you isp
  5. No problems here. I haven't been disconnected now for a while.
  6. DaveN


    Tech Analysis,

    I've been getting logged off all morning. The trace route (gw1.ibllc.com) is clear, thus not likely an ISP problem. IB's bulletin acknowledged the problem, and it said to logon using the web version of TWS.

    I tried that and still getting logged off. I'm back to the standalone TWS....keeping my fingers crossed...

    (I'm on AT&T Broadband, attbi.com for an ISP). Fortunately, I trade a slower intraday system on the NAZ futures, so I have time to "struggle" with this. I expect this is pretty frustrating for those who don't....
  7. problems here too
  8. I just got the bulletins as well. I'm running the browser TWS and having all sorts of problems. I called tech support and they same some people are experiencing it so that explains the other posts to this forum.
  9. What makes it even more frustrating is that each time you get logged off and back on it clears all my buy & sell transaction lines.
  10. Why do all you guys stay there?
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