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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by pkts, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. pkts


    I'm logged on to IB TWS (latest release) and I'm getting no data feeds. Under market data connections all I have is the ushmds2a farm, none of the other ones even show up, let alone as disconnected. It says all the regions are up. I've never had a problem in the last 2+ years and IB website says its fine. I tried upgrading to latest TWS but same issue...

    The market data box in the lower right is grey.

    Now I just logged in on another computer and same issue. And no, I don't have any funding issue :) And zero positions as of right now.

    Anyone else having a problem?
  2. Tums


    I am getting ES quotes and HSI quotes.
    No problem with my TWS connection to US server.
  3. pkts


    OK, now USfarm and ushmds2a are up

    and futures came online as I was typing that. VERY strange! Was it just me?
  4. pkts


    Thanks Tums, I'm back up...it went out for about 10 minutes...odd. Didn't even reboot.
  5. Subdude


    This is fucking unbelievable - in these market conditions, I am not able to log into TWS for 15 minutes already!!! It just keeps the login dialog open but not doing anything. WebTrader won't work either.

    Tech support just told me the server is being rebooted and will be up in "5 minutes" - in the middle of a fucking day??? This is the second day it's happening. WTF? :mad:
  6. Server Problems @ IB for approx last 1/2 hour -- Down

    Fix esimated @ 3:30-3:40pm Thursday 9-18-08
  7. moarla


    i dont have any problem here
  8. Subdude


    Right, it's been resolved now - however, I couldn't close a trade during the downtime, and now I'm under water on it.