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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by z32000, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. z32000


    I'm trying to set a stop in IB under the market price...so for example

    the current price is 400

    I buy at 400
    but i want to set a condition that if the price goes to 410, only then will I want to put a stop price at 405.

    How do I do this in IB?
    (I tried using a stop along with a condition function, but it says conditions can only work on market and limit order).
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  3. z32000


    that looks like a lot of steps...

    can I assign a hot key or is there a faster way?
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    dst Interactive Brokers

  5. z32000


    this is annoying! I tried to do this fast today. I went short with a market order and tried to quickly use the alert/action feature. The java took forever!
    not only is this annoying but IB doesn't seem to understand that the user wants to know what was the last executed price (without it disappearing after a few seconds).

    Does anyone hate this as well. IB's java software sucks!
  6. I just opened a IB account and have compared TWS and WebTrader. I haven't made any trades yet but I like WebTrader a lot better and hope I don't have to use TWS.