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  1. I'm an American living overseas, long-term IB user looking for an online bank that is suited for helping manage funds in and out of my IB account. These are the attributes I'm looking for:

    A. Readily accepts free/near-free ACH transfers to/from IB.
    B. Readily receives/sends international wire transfers.
    C. Bill pay capability in the US, including person-to-person check writing.

    If you are using an online bank that does these things for you well, please tell me about them. What fees do you pay, and interest rates do you enjoy?

    Some background: Previously I've used BofA, but the service was crap, and expensive crap at that. Lately using ING Direct, but they don't do wire transfers, nor do they send/receive ACH to outside brokers. In order to send money from this acct to IB, I must cut a check from ING and have it dropped in the mail - uggh. Previously I read on ET that E*Trade Bank fit the bill, but I understand they have severely curtailed their banking service ... is it so?

    Finally, it would be interesting to hear from IB re: what online banks their individual retail clients use the most.

    Thanks all!
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    I use ING as one of my banks, but I prefer the old brick and mortar as you have better access to your funds than online banks.