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    I don't know whether to put this in the forex section or here, but since this seems to be the defacto IB thread section, here goes:

    for those trading forex thru IB, a question on the commission schedule.

    On their commission page it lists commission thresholds based on monthly volume, which makes sense, but in the far right column, it list volume, as they put it, daily. (see attached)

    So the question I have is does the commission thresholds stated in the left column representative of IB's commission on forex, or is it the right column, which the way I interpret means that these volume marks have to be hit daily and get reset every day?
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  2. The commish on the left side is representative. The right is merely a breakdown for quick understanding. These are MONTHLY thresholds Just as it states in the column header.....

    It resets every MONTH. Not daily....