IB Commissions/power outage

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by white17, Aug 21, 2003.

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    Check your daily statements for this week carefully. I found option commission errors on mine. I'm sure it was a glitch caused by the outage. IB corrected immediately when I pointed it out, but I could have missed it easily.
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    We knew about that right away. All options were charged for direct routing instead of SMART. On Monday or Tuesday, all option client executions - regardless of route were credited to reflect a fee of $1 per contract.
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    Mine were modified too (trading comissions) by more than a half. (thank you , ib was prompt on this)
    However, I am not sure if ib charged correctly cancellation fees. If the system handled all orders as DIRECT ones, then while cancelling those orders would cost more than cancelling SMART ones.
    I payed unusually big cancel fees for both Friday (when outgage happened) and Monday next week.
    And this u cannot find out by yourself from ib statement, unless u count your number of cancelled orders
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    I understand all charges were modified and treated as SMART. If you think there was an error send a note to the help desk and someone should follow up.