IB commissions lower than prop firms!! WHY???

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by smokey_mcPaat, Oct 10, 2002.

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    true, i do use most of the leverage that the firm provides so i guess that in part justifies higher commissions, but it still hurts my bottom line.
    and realistically, how can IB be that competitive if they don't even offer bullets?- they are an essential tool to my trading and i would never trade at a firm that did not offer them.
    and for those of you that trade at IB, like i said earlier, i am not labeling you all as scrubs, so please don't take it that way. :D but don't label me as a naive trader because i trade at the firm i do- i am there for various reasons not important enough to discuss and am quite happy there, although i feel commissions could be a bit more competitive- i have many friends and contacts throughout this industry and know what everyone else pays in terms of rates- this is the basis for my griping. and if you think i am a piker, think again- lets just say that i easily net over 6 figures a year- and i am 25 years old.- sure beats working as a monkey analyst for a measly $60K/year!!! i love trading and can't think of anything that i would rather do.
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    If you have any working capital to speak of, I can get you $4 per 1000 depending on where you live.............If you do any volume you should absolutely not pay any desk fees and if you can do a 100,000 shares a day you shouldn't be paying more than $4 per thousand, IMO. If you have 10K, I can put you in an LLC that will give you the buying power you need, bullets for $10 per 1000, etc. You want to be in an office though, I'm strongly against trading from home. You get new equipment (necessary if you do volume) and realtick is included. You're shut off if you go below 5K and overnights are considered based on your capital. You must be licensed, however.
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    You lost a thousand dollars in that trade? Shit, next time save yourself the trouble, give me the grand, I'll kick you in the nuts and we can call it even.

    hey- funny line in your signature- vegas vacation and the asshole blackjack dealer to clark w griswold- right??

    i sent you a PM, lets talk.
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  4. IB offers e mini futures

    and will be offering SSF's

    at rock bottom cost

    leverage of course is a 2 edged sword
    but I would guess this is even better
    than 10:1 Prop
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  5. Yes, SD is for San Diego. I love money too. And getting up at 5AM is a small price to pay for being done with my day by 1PM. Believe me it is worth it.
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  6. GOOD point!
    You also forgot if you don't get that 25%, then you would have to pay taxes for the other 75% from that 75%!

    It was mentioned in an earlier post by Dr.
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    What is IB, I trade prop and I am not familiar w/ i-net firms.

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  8. achu717


    Smokey McPaat,

    It sounds like the prop firm you are working at is called "Dark Trading" nothing Bright about it. All they do is reaping off people with $500 license fees annually and other hidden charges. Go shop around you would be amazed what others are offering. Forget about Dark Trading
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    What firm is better than 'Dark'? After the rebate's I think Dark is pretty good.

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  10. I'd say "johnny-can't-trade-at-all" is probably a much better trader than you are...at least he didn't fuck himself out of the gate like you did...$600/month....i could get some 20year old asian girl to come to my house 2x a week and give me a backrub for that...

    talk about the pot and the kettle.

    at least johnny isn't whining about his problems here b/c he doesn't know what else to do...moron.
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