IB commission for ER2 = $4.80 RT?

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  1. Can other people confirm their RT commission for ER2 is $4.80 at IB? Thanks
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    at TransAct i pay $3.78 rt with ave of 14rt/day for er2
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    go with bundle if you trade multiple contracts per dayy.
  4. The ER2 options on Globex are $3.62 / RT for bundled (on the page cited above, the ER2 futures fall under the "All products not listed below" row).

    The bundled RT charge for the futures contract is $4.80, and the unbundled is $4.72 on the first 150 RTs, $4.32 on the next 350 RTs, and $3.62 on the next 4,500 RTs.
  5. EDIT: In almost every case it's better to go with the unbundled for futures. There are only a couple of non-USD denominated futures for which you will pay higher commission when using unbundled. The contract volumes noted in the unbundled formula are across all the different products you trade in a month (and remember that the volume charts are using sides not RTs).
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    Correct on this, I meant unbundled on my original post. This guy uses IB and post a screenshot everyday which shows he is paying 1.81 per side on ER2[unbundled].

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    I can confirm that.
  8. Sorry, my mistake.
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    Maybe US$ 1.81 per side is the unbundled rate, when you´r above 500 RTs.
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