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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by clarodina, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. hi guys using ib

    ib has combo order feature but their prices is using subtract

    any ways to turn that into using divide?
  2. ktm


    An example might be helpful.
  3. you add the combo and price would be on the platform but the buy sell price are using subtract not divide

    anyone know the guy in elitetrader representing ib?
  4. ktm


    If you enter a combo in Optiontrader and the price (provided by the system) is negative, that means you are getting a net credit for the trade.
  5. H2O


    I think I may get what you are trying to do - but think about it: you cannot trade A/B you can only trade A-B, hence IB's combo orders will always have to be A-B

    Now how you generate your trading signals in your charting program is a completely different story of course....:D
  6. you are right h2o

    has benn trying to get ib to implement a/b but they didn't really action

    do you know any other broker allowing a/b ?
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    IB has added a new feature named "Custom Securities" to the latest version of the TWS.

    Not only does Custom Securities support "a/b", but it gives you the flexibility of incorporating any number of securities into a free-form equation.

    To access Custom Securities, right-click on an empty real-time quote row, and choose the "Custom Securities" item (you may need to expand the drop-down menu using the down-arrow at the bottom of the menu).