IB combo order fiasco today

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by arl, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. arl


    On a light volume, I traded very few shares and options today. IB execution window is not reflecting what is in the account window, or what the website trade confirmations show.

    In addition, after calling the trade desk for the past few hours they keep adding and subtracting shares and options from my account, without being able to figure out what should be there. Every time I call they end up with a different number.

    Finally at 4:30 the trade desk essentially tells me that they are giving up, and hoping the clearing department will sort it out by morning. And this is 'The professional's gateway to the world's markets'?
  2. Which is correct? The web confirms or the execution blotter?
  3. nassau


    are all the executions from the same day? Here some of the traders were becoming familiar with the execution window and accidentally messed with the configuration.
    otherwise in the past we have noticed it corrected itself prior to next days open with the execution window being correct.
    good luck

  4. arl


    Actually neither - web confirms show executions that don't show at all in the execution blotter, but the web confirms are only showing one leg of a combo order (which only should have been executed if the other leg went off as well). The account window is incorrect on both legs. There are other orders though that do show up correctly.

    All of the errors are from today. Of course, the error is not in my favor.
  5. Janed


    There's a bit of lag in their system. Next time leg in and leg out manually and note P&L values between each leg in Account. It will start to make sense after a while.
  6. TWS window always freaks out and I had called in too and was told don't trust it much.
  7. arl


    I was just told over the phone that if they had not made any manual adjustments yesterday, it would have corrected on its own overnight in the synch with clearing, but since they made the adjustments, it is still off this morning.
  8. rayl


    There was an acknowledged issue yesterday per an email notice and TWS bulletin I received.

    However, I will second the comment on the execution window blotter being not totally trustworthy -- it appears to be accurate if and only if Istay continuously connected on one PC throughout the day. If I work from 2 PCs, I find it to be inaccurate as limits are hit while I'm on one PC or the other or neither.
  9. arl


    This problem was manually corrected by IB, and the system appears to be working fine now.