IB combo/generic combo orders

Discussion in 'Options' started by IV_Trader, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. With penny pilot program rolling along , when IB's combo orders will become "visible" to non IB users ?
  2. In theory; perhaps ids or anothet ib rep can confirm.
  3. I have seen spread orders that I entered through OptionsXpress appear on the IB combo screen. I don't think I have seen vice versa, but I have not looked that often.

    My understanding is that the combo order is submitted to an exchange who, in turn, feeds back the pricing to other brokers and even to the originating broker.

    I guess it's the brokers option to display the feedback combo pricing.

  4. thanks atti and Don . I will bump the thread on Monday ; maybe IB's reps can reply
  5. bump.
    ids , anyone ?
  6. why don't you call IB...I hear their really friendly, nice and helpful :D
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    We don't wanna share no visibility with you peeps :)

    Heh, heh... funny stuff!
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