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  1. just21


    Where can I get a virtual server near the Interactive Brokers data centre?
  2. call IB and ask.

    Virtual will be tough though. if its in a cloud there really is no telling where you are and what your ping times will be.
  3. just21


    IB are not saying more than they are in Chicago and Greenwich. Can anybody recommend a host nearby?
  4. Bob111


    it's hard..isn't?


    Address: 1 Pickwick Plaza
    Greenwich, CT 06830
    Phone: 203-618-5800
    Fax: 203-618-5770

    440 S La Salle St
    Chicago, IL 60605-1028
    (877) 442-2757

    i'm trying to collocate with my broker,but i was unable to locate the broker's address :cool:

    what is the point of collocating with broker anyway? with exchange-it does make sense,but broker? they can hold your data,orders for as long as they need it
  5. just21


    I am in a building on another continent that does not have ups backup for the comms room. Locating on a server nearby would solve some of these issues.
  6. Bob111


    make sense.
    but they have offices all over the world. however-Greenwich is main one.
  7. cstfx


    Don't they have a European server farm?
  8. Yeah, IIRC it's in the UK.
  9. just21


    It is in Zug.
  10. Nice location.
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