IB check request ??

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  1. it says to please allow at least 7 business days to receive a check !

    does it really take this long ? seems like a long time (or is it that they dont want to say 4-5 days and it not come in that time?)

  2. Pabst


    The only time I ever requested a check, instead of a wire, I had it in my mailbox literally 48 hours after requesting it. I was amazed!
  3. I usually get mine in 2 to 3 days. They probably just say 7, so
    customers won't start calling if does take 4 or 5.

  4. thanks guys , thats what i was thinking
  5. I bet it depends a little bit on where you live. I get my checks in
    about 4-5 days or so. But I live in Washington State and IB is
    in Conneticut which is on the other side of the U.S.

  6. LOL...yea, one extreme to the other. I'm Texas, so I'm only
    half way. :D
  7. check was processed thursday and it was in the mail today. (monday)

    pretty impressive
  8. Why no request wire? IB does not charge anything.
    You get it the next day if you request the fund before 10-11 am EST.
  9. Most banks charge for incoming wires. Do you know one that doesn't?
  10. Sashe


    Citibank charges $10 for the incoming wire :confused:
    why? I am bringing money in the bank and get charged for that?
    the only reason I am with Citibank cuz I have online access to my acct to see upto date balances etc.
    But they charge $25 for domestic and $40 for intl wires and they dont even have direct access wire transfer feature, meaning that I should fax them the wire out transfer request.
    Anybody knows any other reputable bank but with less problems?
    I'd switch in a sec
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