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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by soler, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. soler


    i am currently on chat with a IB rep..i have a statment issue wish to clearify..the rep says 'one second' 20 mins ago.and just stop responding...is this their normal practice?? when have a issue they just leave client hanging until client got fed up and just quit?? have been with IB for a while..this is first time had to call for help..not impressed...
  2. have you called them ? or are you on phone with them ( I am confused )

    if this is important statement problem for you
    you should have called right away if chat via internet was not resolving your issue quickly

    good luck

  3. soler


    u can't call 4am in the morning can u??chat is only option isn't it??
  4. Chriz


    Maybe there was a disconnect. Ive used IB chat a few times and cant complain.
  5. dude ... you can call IB round the clock ...

    they have offices round the world

    go to their website for more info

  6. def

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    most likely there has been a disconnect. the system isn't perfect but if you think you're waiting longer than normal, try typing something and hitting return. If the connection is still there, a pop up will occur on a reps desk.