IB ChartTrader needs some serious work

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Benign, Sep 16, 2007.

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    ChartTrader is just like an infant product which is unsuitable for order placement and management. It is missing many features that a chart ordering platform has.

    To name but a few, ChartTrader can only display the most basic orders on the charts (Limit order only). It can't display other orders. Does IB assume we as traders only need to place Limit orders on ChartTrader?

    It displays all trade executions on the chart. I only want it to display the latest X (current trades) only. It is unusable for active traders.

    Many more but I skip it. To conclude, it needs some serious work before it is usable. Does IB care to improve ChartTrader? Is the development abandoned already?

    Does anyone know there is any alternative which provides better order placement & management on the chart? I'm willing to switch for another brokerage which provides better chart ordering platform.
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  3. Benign


    Thanks for your suggestion but I'm not going to post requests over there. I like to post it here because I want to exchange ideas. I want to discuss with people and read their replies.

    I browsed over a bit and found out only a few feature requests are made on ChartTrader. Huh!! Perhaps Americans don't like to trade by charts so they don't bother requesting any; or perhaps they think ChartTrader is just a child toy so they don't bother to request.

    Some requests about ChartTrader have been made more than one year. So far no request is filled. This is why I think the development of ChartTrader is essentially dead.

    Someone told me IB won't honour such requests made by the minority (individual traders). It is pointless to request something which IB is definitely going to ignore.

    I think I may switch to other brokers soon. The recent discussions in ET makes me feel IB is dishonest. It use dirty business tricks to force people to subscribe to their datafeed (read the last few paragraphs), something you can only know after you opened an account in IB.

    Are you using IB too?