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  1. the new beta suggests this might be worth watching -- it's free after all.

  2. just21


    Why? Have they incorporated 5 day backfill? The website doesn't seem to mention this.
  3. Note I said worth watching. :)

    The fact that they are upgrading the product after a couple of years of silence seems quite positive to me. We'll just have to wait and see...
  4. just21


    Where does it say that?
  5. Sigh...

    It doesn't say it anywhere. If you have been using the product you would know that it has been dead in the water for quite awhile.

    If you downloaded the beta you would note that it has a 2005 copyright on it.

    I'll let you work out the rest...
  6. Sorry...not much sleep last night. Here is a copy of an email they sent around...

    But in answer to your question above, it seems to have backfill now.

    IBCharts conducts open Beta testing of upcoming software release. Feel
    free to download and try the application from our web site, but keep in
    mind this version is not final.

    Some of the new features are:
    - trend lines
    - advanced drawings: Fibonacci, Regression Trend Channels, Gann Fans
    - historical data from IB and free Web feeds
    - detached windows for multi-monitor configuration
    - new studies
    - printing

    This beta version contains new features which may not be entirely
    stable and can include bugs or errors.

    The application can be downloaded from our web site:
  7. just21


    How do I get the charts to backfill?
  8. From what I can tell,

    You select the chart and the go to the menu icons above. You then select the one which has two green arrows pointing in a circle. It seemed to work when I tested FNM. I didn't test anything else.