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  1. If charts worked yesterday, why don't they work today? What changed?
  2. Their server is down. They said it will be back up sometime soon.
  3. Catoosa


    TWS chart not working here.
  4. Cruzan


    Yeah, one of their TWS bulletins came up right after market opening saying live charts weren't available.

    Right when I'm trying to trade, THIS IS SERIOUSLY FUCKED. I'm actually trying to get by with Yahoo (I pay them for live quotes) and it just ain't working.
  5. notouch


    Why would you use TWS charts anyway? There are a few free alternatives around that you can use with IB data and they're much better.
  6. Quotetracker for one (www.quotetracker.com). But because of the server down there is no historic backfill.

  7. Cruzan


    Sounds good. Which one you recommend?
  8. mde2004


    get over it newb.
  9. IB is not working with QT either. Why? Because they SUCK !
    So glad I was talked inot singing up with ATC-glad to give them my commisons LOL!
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