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  1. I've been having a strange problem lately with IB charts and backfill. On some symbols, (DIA, SMH, UYM) when I try to open a chart in IB, it says "NO MARKET DATA PERMISSIONS FOR ARCA STK" what the heck does that mean? I'm receiving quotes for it with no problem in the tws but it wont open a chart or backfill in quotetracker. Any ideas?
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    I had the same message when I tried to get charts for EEV and SKF. Talked with IB chat and they told me I needed to subscribe to "ArcaBook for Equities Non-Professional ".

    Account Management:
    Trading Access -> Market Data Subscriptions
    Put check in box on right side of ArcaBook for Equities Non-Professional for $10/month.

    IB said we can still see a quote even without a subscription because smart uses other exchanges to display the current price for it. However, we can not get backfill for the chart without a subscription.

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  3. in feature selector , under order entry tools, check off directed orders.

    You will then be able to setup symbols for specific exchanges other than "smart" order routing.

    now you can create charts for the required symbols using data from those exchanges rather than ARCA..
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    We will shortly (this week) provide the smart charts for DIA and other NYSEArca-listed stocks for customers without ARCABook subscription: regular US stock bundle for non-professionals or NYSE Level 1 subscription for professionals would be required.