IB Charts... Alternative?

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  1. I have recently come to IB for my brokerage needs... the commissions are definitely worth it compared to what I was paying. However, I am thoroughly unimpressed with their charts and how they are structured. May it is just me but there is somewhat of a disconnect and I am not getting what I want out of them. TOS charts are far more superior in my opinion.

    I know eSignal offers a platform in conjunction with IB. Are there others? Is eSignal decent? Any recommendations on this front would be wonderful. Thank you.
  2. With the right strategy, charts are of secondary importance.
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    eSignal is VERY good.
  4. Let me ask you this... are they Mac compatible? Are there options available for Macs?
  5. What is it you want to have that IB charts don't give you?
  6. I want a better zoom function, the data after hours works very strangely (I cannot set it up to show both after hours and during the trading session), I do not like the way the drawing tools are setup, some functions won't display on the quote zone. It is overall very clumsy to work with.
  7. Free version! Thanks so much for this hint, I didn't know about it. I have been admiring MC all the while.
  8. It is multicharts with trading on the chart but minus easylanguage.
  9. I should have mentioned that I need something that will run on Mac OS X. Are their other options? I like those websites though and what they have.
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