IB charting vs. QouteTracker charting??

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  1. Though I don't trade through QuoteTracker anymore but I still keep it open escpeally for charting which I don't get or have not figured out best way to use via Interactive Brokers charting

    Allows you have several chart windows, I use 3 time frames such as 1-min, 5-min, and 25-min and COOL aspect is I can click on the ticker on the portfolio list and chart loads underlying stock dynamically loads in all 3 chart time frames. Plus I can on one page keep ALL windows including 3 charts, portfolio listing, etc

    With IB I have not been able to get the same setup as above, plust their charting seem to be a bit cumbersome.

    Anybody well familiar with both QuoteTracker and IB charting....can you comment....can I get QT's charting setup in IB? It seems you have to "browse" from window to window to see your charts but cannot display everything on one page... (yes, I could get 2 monitors but rather not go in that)

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    Open TWS's chart and look for the crosshair/circle thingy up on the right side there - click that - then when you click on a symbol it automatically loads it in the chart.

    open up a few charts - click the crosshair on all of em - set diff timeframes and size the charts - voila - triple charts all on de same symbol.

    Arrange everything how you want it and then on top of TWS click on configure - manage workspaces - save it and you have a workspace that might be what you are asking for.
  3. Why would you want to use IB over Quotetracker? There is no comparison, imo.
  4. Do you see charts and portfolio on the same page/one view? I figured linking charts to symbols but no way of displaying all in one view
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    resize your charts - place everything where you want it on the screen

    select configure - manage workspaces - save it - like I said - when you open THAT workspace you will have whatever you saved it as (whatever charts where open - where they were - on what screen/sized how ya had em, etc)

    try it
  6. Mostly for realtime portfolio position with P/L which QT does not provide

    another is dupble-click order entry which QT does not have
  7. FWIW you can get real time per position P&L in QT. in the transactions window, simply right click on the line of your (filled) trade, and select "record transaction to portfolio". then as long as you have "value, quantity, paid, and gain" selected as columns in the portfolio display, voila - real time P&L. but maybe this isn't what you're looking for....
  8. He means for charting. You can still use QT for charting and IB for trading. Is what I do. QT is much better than IB for charting, visually and technically.

  9. Does using QT as the front end solve the inaccurate volume reporting problem on IB charts (unless you're hitting the refresh button constantly)?
  10. Ursa,
    This is what I have been using...QT for charting, remember 3 time frames and quick Up and Down scroll which loads dynamic chart...then execute on IB...having multiple platforms and backfilling so many charts been quite resource intensive too...on my machine.

    Thanks for suggestions.
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