IB charting is disappointing

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by loxics, Aug 19, 2010.

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    It seems that even when you use IB's own TWS, you are limited to how much backfill you can get (pacing violation?)

    This makes it impossible to go through list of stocks without waiting for a minute occasionally before you at allowed to load next charts.

    I tried this on Windows and Mac, same result. Do any of IB users experience this too?
  2. It's a limit set by IB. However, I think Multicharts automatic pacing it out for you, so you don't have to do it manually.
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    As a "non-professional" subscriber you get data from IB effectively for free while specialised data providers may charge $100 - $200 per month for broadly the same data. No wonder IB data satisfy only very basic needs.
  4. About 1/3 of ET threads are on the theme "how can I get something for nothing?"... Get used to it.
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    Not to mention the thousands of " who asked you anything bitch!" posts whe have to read...
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    i use ensign windows as charting package with IB as ,y broker. it works just perfect. the data refresh comes from DTN the real time data from IB. (49USD/month)
  7. I would be embarrassed to post that I was such a low profitability trader that I couldn't afford a high-end data and charting provider.
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    IB offers data and charting but they are nearly useless compared to just the least expensive data feeds and charting packages... I like Sierra Charts and Barcharts.com data, just my personal choices.. I've used Tradestation 8, Tradestation 2000, Ninja, Openquant, Multicharts, etc. and for where I am with trading nowadays, I'm real happy with IB, SC, and Barchart data... for the future I'll move to Multicharts and use the Radarscreen they have and maybe get the ultra feed that DTN offers and a T3 or whatever...
  9. I want to reach a point that I will sit at a cafe in front of the beach in the Bahamas drinking fancy coffee and I will only use a mobile phone and WSJ to trade.

    What about that you charting/data feed intraday scalping for pennies freaks?
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    Yeah but the people serving you drinks will see that you're a narcissistic fat cat and they'll spit in your pina colladas...
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