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  1. I was reading some old threads that said the IB chart feature is very poor. Is this still the case? If yes, why is it so bad?

    What would you suggest as an alternative?

  2. Lorenzo


    ensign software as third part, absolutely

  3. U know if mac support qt?
    I tried to look for info but cannot find it anywhere.
  4. EnzoF


    Nope, I use QT and it is PC only.

    I have read Apple's switch to Intel chips will allow for the use of Virtual PC without all the processor intensive emulation that makes it so slow now though, so things maybe looking up for traders who prefer to use Macs.
  5. Thanks. I downloaded quotetracker and I'm looking it over. I'll look at ensign too.

    I'm also looking at Sierra charts. Does anyone recommend them?

    Is the IB charting feature unusable? Is it passable? What are the problems with it? When I traded with IB three years ago they didn't have any charting software, so I'm thinking it must be better than when it first came out.

    Any insight is appreciated.

  6. IB charts are not that bad: u have to change background colour from black/white to dark grey and candlesticks from orange to vivid red; shadows: black, u'll be impress by the difference.

    By the way, a couple of weeks ago I got an email from IB product manager asking me suggestions on candlestick charts improvements: I told him to highlight the perimeter around the body and make candles fatter; this would help a lot because right now candles are very thin and all clustered together, making patterns pretty difficult to read.

    If any IB users here has some other ideas, don't esitate to post; it's obvious IB is looking forward to make improvements.

  7. IB charting is useful if you're satisfied with two days of 5min intraday data. You can chart a week's intraday at 30mins, which is of little use if you're running any studies, which I do not. IdealPRO is not chartable with IB's native charting. The upside is that you're sure that the charts represent executable data points. I think it absurd that dailies are limited to line charts. I can do without the intraday stuff, give us daily bars and candles.
  8. Yeah, not like ensign, data is reliable: further motivation to push for improvements.
  9. Yeah Bit, I am sure it will be a competent addition in the near future and you can't beat the data. Ensign is a great deal, but cumbersome to work with, at least that's been my experience in the past with dbase and backfill issues.
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