IB Charging For ICE/NYBOT Data Feed

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  1. IB customers are now being charged $1.00 a month for the "free" ICE/NYBOT data feed.

    Contrary to the post from IB representative JPasciolla in the thread "What are you ER2 fellows doing..." and phone confirmation from another IB representative back in September that the $1.00 ICE/NYBOT data fee would not be charged, the $1.00 charge for September showed up on my 10/28/2008 statement.

    The IB answer as to what happened is:

    "I do apologize for the inconvenience, it is true that the subscription was free roughly about a month or two ago. However that has changed and the new fee for this subscription is US $1.00. If you need clarification regarding this matter please email marketdata@interactivebrokers.com"

    Doesn't IB management grasp the concept that paying customers should be notified of meaningful policy changes ahead of time and not in arrears?

    I know it is only a lousy $1.00 a month, but I have an advisor account with no reason to have any cash at the advisor level other than to now pay this lousy $1.00 a month.

    The money I pay every month in commissions to IB is not enough, so now they need an extra lousy $1.00 a month from me and the rest of the futures traders that want the ICE/NYBOT data feed.
  2. It must have been a rough few weeks for ya.

    It may be a nuisance but its only a dollar.

    You wasted more time than its worth posting about it.

    And so have I.
  3. You wouldn't understand because you don't have an advisor account.
  4. Sounds to me like he'd have to put $20 in the account and be covered for 20 months.

    If thats it, tell your sad story walking.
  5. Thank you for your understanding of what life is like in IB's "sie müssen do it our way" advisor account hell.
  6. I've always been charged $1/mo for this feed. I recieved notice that they were raising it to $55/mo starting Nov1, but just today saw that they delayed the fee increase. I will be canceling it if they raise it to $55.
  7. I don't have one but my buddy does - so I know what you are talking about.
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    It's a question of principle, not money.
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    I have also an advisor account and never got a message concerning an increase in fees.
    Transferred 20 bucks to the master account and done...
    btw, the fee is in £, so I had the possibility (according to a representative) to convert the 20 bucks or to cover the debt in £ every couple of months :eek:
  10. The fee used to be £1, but it was changed to $1 a couple of months ago.

    IB sent an email and message on October 22nd:

    "Effective November 1, IB will increase the ICE & NYBOT Professional monthly market data charge to correspond with the current exchange fee for this service.

    Price Change: ICE & NYBOT Professional MONTHLY FEE $55 USD"

    I've set up the ACH, but because of the delays involved IB won't have my desperately needed $1 until late next week. I'll have my data feed shut off for a few days. I can use a vacation anyway.
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