IB - cash withdrawal - CHECK? WHERE?

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  1. I asked for a cash withdrawal by check on 3/28. Check was "sent" to PA address on 4/1. 4/16 - still hasn't arrived.

    Anyone else deal with the same crap from them with regard to cash withdrawals - by check?
  2. Bob111


    few times. everything worked as it suppose to.
    why not ACH? they are super fast,specially from IB. most of the time posted at the bank account on same day .
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    I don't like telling you this, brother Pistol, but something has gone wrong.
    I've done this like a "million" times.
    No problems.
    You need to contact IB immediately!
  4. If you are dealing with snail mail, it is going to take forever, whether you are depositing or withdrawing

    ib is paperless your banker knows how deal works and will help you, two small deposits of less than $1 will be deposited in your account and you need to verify the amounts. It will be like 94 cents and 24 cents.

    Once you get that set up, it goes like clockwork.

    The problem is all on your part, and has nothing to do with ib.

    You just don't know what you are doing
  5. some people cant get bank accounts.

    many here at et like that
  6. that's why I tell them, "Just send it to Walmart, they take care of everything for me."
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    I have never had a problem with IB. They don't care about your small amount (50k?)...I think the issue is all on you.
  8. Why do people post here before contacting IB customer service?
  9. +1. in the interest of helping those who may run into this prob in the future pls take the following steps.

    if possible, transfer money out using ACH/wire to ELIMINATE this problem in the future.

    ALWAYS check the address on file BEFORE you request a paper check. this way the only way to "lose" a check is for it to literally get lost in the mail. the odds of this happening are low but still. this just goes back to my point about using ACH/wire. ACH is free btw and in my experience the $ is in your account on average in 2 business days.
  10. Yup, ACH is great and very reliable. I've used is for both deposits and withdrawals.
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