IB cannot close orders now ES and 6E

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Totantaz, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Totantaz


    Watch out

    IB TWS system rejects market orders

    widesreap problem, across the board

    on the phone with service rep right now


  2. Totantaz



    back up and running hehe

    that was a bit scary not being able to get out of a position lol :D

    thank god for 1% max risk sizing :cool:

  3. Fractal


    Might have been an issue with certain balances in other currencies translating literally to USD, tying up your available capital.

    My account showed a debit in the millions due to a currency glitch. Customer service fixed.
  4. Totantaz



    error in TWS was stating "cannot value contract", my market orders just hanged there doing nothing

    the little order popup wasn't showing commissions or margin

    getting through all the way to the order desk to close out my positions by phone took quite some time, would been scary in a big crash :eek:

    can't imagine the old timers trading only by phone hehe ...


  5. southall


    I got this message trading CL too. Tried to hedge with WTI but TWS couldnt do that either..

    yeah was quite scary as CL can move 100 ticks in minutes sometimes.
  6. What's your base currency, guys?
  7. Totantaz


    I deposit in CAD

    it gets transfered in USD after my deposit is cleared

    the account is based in USD

  8. Thanks - I thought it was a base currency problem, but it seems not.

    Good thing I didn't have any trades on - I would have panicked! :D

    Good trading to you