IB: cancellations after hours; what happened??

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Option Trader, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Has anyone experienced a problem with cancelling orders after hours? An order that we are certain we cancelled about 10 seconds after the close yesterday suddenly went through at the opening today--now at a loss.
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    Yikes. First thing I would do is check your audit trail for confirmation of the cancel.
  3. that's strange, wouldn't your order show as working ? maybe you got a late report yesterday and it only showed in your account today. Technical problems at IB don't surprise me but I can't see how this could happen without you noticing that your order is still in. Was that an option trade? then maybe some last second shenanigans from th eMM's ?
  4. IB shows no trace in their system of a cancellation. What happened is we pressed "C" and the "C" disappeared; that same order went through today. We had that problem once before intraday that the "C" had disappeared but the order went through 2 seconds later; we were told that was because the "C" disappearing does not prove the NYSE has cancelled it at the exchange; but that was to do with the exchange.
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    Is your TWS set up to create an audit trail? If so, you should be able to look at yesterday's audit trail (Mon.audit.xmls.html) in your appropriate Jts/d***** directory.

    If you aren't creating an audit trail, you should probably turn that feature on. If your audit trail showed a confirmed cancel, that could be valuable proof for IB that you did cancel the order.
  6. Good advice generally speaking (I was actually wondering why the audit trail wasn't showing detailed info like the last time we used it; so it's becuz it's off).

    But it seems the problem here was the "C" disappeared, and because it was after hours nothing registered, and IB viewed the order as still live.
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    by default TWS set to limit and day type of order.unless you change them, your canceled order should be canceled anyway after 8 pm EST or at IB reset time(around midnignt). if it set to GTC, maybe you should swith it back to DAY.another way around such issue-GTD order with cancel time right after close.