Ib cancelation fees

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Trend Fader, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. are there any cancel fees for modifying/cancel an order for YM or ES minis with IB?

  2. gkishot


    My calculated guess is no since I am trading futures at IB ( other than YM & ES) and I was never charged any mod/can fees.
  3. Yes!

    Very much so. They charge $100 per cancelation and bill you annually.

    I know of a fellow that had trigger happy fingers and he got a bill at year end for $35,000.

  4. was he cancelling the orders via phone to the desk??

    i do not believe they charge for cancelling orders of their platforms
  5. i called ib- they said only cancelations on option trades
  6. Quah



    However, the only orders I cancel are the ones that go against me - so in the long run, I save money.
  7. Anyone who takes that seriously for even a second is a moron.
  8. rayl


    I believe also API initiated directed (not smart routed) equity orders...