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  1. I would like to move to IB
    I am a bit confused from what I read maybe someone can explain me
    Is there a fee each time I modify or cancel an order ?
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    I have been with IB about 5 years now. As far as I know the only fees they charge (other than their stated commission) are fees that are assessed by an exchange or regulator. So the answer is: yes, maybe.
  3. There is a fee if you modify or cancel a stock option order. Futures options do not have a similar fee (and of course, neither do futures or stock cancel/modifies).
  4. If I cancel or modify an option order 10 times a day
    what it would cost me?
  5. Is it correct to say there are NEVER cancellation fees on IB for stocks?
  6. still pretty cofusing
    one more item I do not understand regarding market data
    it says All coustomers recieve 100 concourent lines of real time market data. What is that?
    Coming out of Cyber trader it all looks very strange
    but i know I need to make a move.
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    Amex direct or Amex smart routed charge some fee. Naz/isd/nyse/arca no charge.
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    I am pretty sure there are potential cancellation fees for stocks if you are using the API.
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    You get streaming quotes for 100 symbols. If you need more than 100 you cannot get them from IB by paying for them directly. You can get more by increasing your commissions. For each $8 in commissions over $800 per month you receive an additional quote.

    You can change the symbols you are getting as often as you wish, you just can never get more than 100 at a time - that 100 includes indexes, advance/declines, etc.

    So long as you produce $30 in commissions per month there is no charge. If you don't spend the $30 you pay $10 for the data.

    On the Cancellation Fees - Go the the IB home page and type "Cancellation Fees" in the search box near the top of the page.

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