IB - can you link charts??

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  1. ie - i have 3 charts of one stock in 3 different time frames on IB

    csco 1 min, 15, minute, daily

    can i link the charts to all change at once as i change the symbol? or do i have to change them once at a time?


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    Don't know of anway to do it, but it is a great idea for the suggestions thread. Even better if you could change the symbol in an easier manner so you could "flip through" a number of stocks to get a look.
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    The easy way to change symbols on the chart is to click the target icon on the upper right corner, then you can click any symbols on your main tws page and the chart will change to that symbol.

    You can actually click the target icon on more than one chart and change them all at the same time.
  4. I just bucked up a g note for esignal so i can see linked charts. what a joke. you pay a g - and then have to pay extra for currency/forex quotes, nyse and nas echange quotes, futures, nymex quotes, cboe quotes, quotes quotes... wtf???? it's 1000 but another 3-4k a year if you want to use it????this shit is free everywhere else...

    what a pain.
  5. I'm a noobie so I don't know what advanced features you want. However, Aspen Graphics http://www.aspenres.com can do multiple charts on one screen and you can change the symbol on all at once with a simple macro you type in. It works great for forex. I like to keep 4 charts on one screen each at a different time interval. You can download the program for free and you pay a monthly fee for access to the servers. The program won't run without logging into the server. I don't know if it will take an IB data feed, but it works fine through the fxcm data feed for forex. They have a free 7 day demo. Hope this helps.

  6. PS - The data feed for forex, for example is $65 / mo. I don't know what the price is to add stocks and commodities.

  7. E-signal is an absurdly overpriced, low-quality product, aimed at people who sign the annual contract because they don't know any better.

    IB's continual improvements in charts and historical data are, one by one, eliminating any conceivable reason for E-signal to exist.
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    Qcharts and TS8 have good chart linking.
  9. Yes, by clicking on the red button on the top-right corner of the chart which links the chart in question to any ticker clicked on a tws row.
  10. Maybe my criticism was too strong, and was also insulting to some possibly sophisticated E-signal users who may have made informed decisions to stay with the product. I still believe that it is marketed chiefly to people who don't know any better, and who are therefore willing to overpay for a low-quality product with low-quality support. I base my opinion on my experience with an E-signal free trial, and also on the E-signal advertising I have seen and heard.
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