IB Buy/Write Order

Discussion in 'Options' started by Don87109, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. For several weeks the IB combo order does not seem to work when a stock is part of the order. For example, a buy/write order for CC's. Combo orders containing only options seem to work okay.

    The problem is the order does not display combo B/A prices. You get an error message saying you must subscribe to some kind of market data.

    I have called IB several times in the last 3 or 4 weeks and they say they are working on the problem, but they don't seem know when it will be fixed.

    Anybody have any insight to share or a good workaround to get combo B/A prices?


    P.S. I think the actual order works if I were to submit it, but I have to repeatedly manually calculate the combo price on volatile combo's.
  2. FYI - The combo problem seems to be fixed today and everything is working well.

    BTW - One of the real advantages of IB is that you not only get continuous real time quotes for individual stocks, but you also get them for aggregate prices on combo orders. Furthermore you can set alarms on them. Real nice features.