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  1. I'm a trader. I'm new to use an international or foreign brokerage firm. I used a local brokerage firm in the past, which is very backward.

    I watched its pricing and there're 2 pricing scheme - bundled and unbundled.

    What're the differences and why're the difference?

    After a bit reading and investigation, it appears to me "unbundled" is the way to go since it's usually cheaper than "bundled"

    Argh! I must be missing something. Let's take some examples(ub = unbundled; b= bundled:

    HKFE -- HSI Futures and Options -- ub:HK$20.5 -- b:HK$30

    OSE.JPN -- N225 Futures -- ub: Yen495 -- b: Yen 500

    Extracted from http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/accounts/fees/futuresPricing2.php?ib_entity=llc

    What have I missed?
    What do I need to consider when I choose "unblundled"?
    Is "unbundled" usually the better choice?
    Thank you so much :)
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    If you hold a position overnight or over several days, there is a carrying charge. Taking that into account, there is sometimes no meaningful difference between bundled and unbun. In fact, unless you're doing a very large quantity, consistenly, you're better off bundled.
  3. ddunbar, thanks so much for your answer.

    1) In its webiste, what does volume mean?
    Per contract or contract roundtrip?

    2) Apart from the carryover fee I have to consider, what else do I need to consider when I pick either "unbundled" or "bundled"?

    If I'm a daytrader, does it mean I should normally join "unbundled" even if I trade lower than 301 volume a month?
    [Note: Except for 13 products, I find out "unbundled" is always cheaper than "bundled" even in the least volume row (ie less than 301)]

    3) Let's say I trade 500 volume a month under "unbundled" scheme. Take HSI Futures and Options as an example, how will I charge?

    If I understand correctly, it seems the first 300 contracts has to be charged in a more expensive price. Only the rest 200 can benefit from a cheaper price.

    Thank you!
  4. What're they:
    Exchange Cancel and/or Modify Order Fees

    Exchange Trade Bust/Trade Adjust Fees

    Specialist Pass Through Fees


    I have never heard of such fees in any of my local brokers.

    Will there be a difference if I join bundled or unbundled plans?

    Exchange Cancel and/or Modify Order Fees

    Many exchanges charge fees to their members for orders that are cancelled or modified, and IB charges certain related fees to its customers to help cover these exchange fees.

    Who is qualified as a member?
    Does it charge members only?

    How about Exchange Trade Bust/Trade Adjust Fees and Specialist Pass Through Fees?
    Does it charge members only?
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    in HK there are no exchange fees or specialist pass through fees.

    Trade busts refer to if you make an error and if the trade is bustable by the exchange, we will pass on any charges that the exchange charges us. In HK, the HKFE will charges I think off hand 2000 HKD to request a trade to be busted.
  6. Dear def,

    As to "bundled and unbundled fees", after consideration of carrying fees & a few products, is there any other factors i have to consider?
    Do the special fees make any differences between unbundled vs bundled plans?

    PS: The special fees I mean refer to Exchange Cancel and/or Modify Order Fees, Exchange Trade Bust/Trade Adjust Fees, Specialist Pass Through Fees!

    PS: I (will) trade US, Japan, HK, Singapore market
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    Unbundled fee schedule is per side. x2 to get roundtrip.

    Here is a comparision schedule of unbundled per side v. Bundled per side. X2 to get RT.


    As you can see, unless you're doing >10k RT/month, you're better off bundled.

    That's pretty much it. Carry fee will make a difference because it's .10/day. At low volume, if you hold for more than one overnight, you're better off unbundled.

    To save a few pennies? Sure. It's not as if you;re locked into unbundled. You can always switch to bundled. I think you have to wait 2 business days for it to take affect.

    No, it's a monthly total. So if you trade 500 during a particular month, you'll be paying the commissions found under the >301 contract tier. It's not pro-rated. It's a monthly cummulative.

    If you're a consummate daytrader, it pretty much makes sense to go unbundled - no carrying charge to worry about. But If you're a position trader doing less than 20k RT a month, it pays to go bundled. But if you mix daytrading with position trading (overnight holds) and you're doing relatively low volume, you're better off choosing bundled.

    Also, bear in mind that even at bundled's RT pricing, you can profit off 1 tick in an future or option. IB commissions are very low. Take the E-mini s&P 500(ES) for instance; 1 tick = $12.50. Yet the RT bundled commission is $4.80. Profit: $7.70. Clearly you could scalp. Will $.04 (Unbundled <301) make or break? Nah. But for the HSI, yeah, there's a ~33% difference between bundled and unbundled(<301). And the nightly carrying charge is only $1/day. That gives you a little "breathing" room in the event that you're not flat by day's end a few times.
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    No other consideration.

    exchange/cancel fees do not apply for the US futures or Asian markets (they are primary fees charged by US option exchanges).

    Bust/Trade adjust fees would only apply if you make an error and trade out of range. If so, some exchanges have bust or trade adjust rules which will allow you to bust the trade or modify the price. however, most exchanges apply a fee to such action which we will pass on.
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    IB can you let me know me know the commission rate per side on ER2 if I lease a GEM seat.

  10. Thanks!
    So I know what I should choose.

    From the sound of it, it appears the above fees have nothing to do with (un)bundled plans. They wil be charged if they exist, no matter what you choose, right?

    I'm (going to) trade US/Japan/Singapore/HK stock+future market.
    (Note: a few options once in a while)

    In the website, it says:
    Many exchanges charge fees to their members for orders that are cancelled or modified.

    Does it mean all these fees are charged to exchange members (or pro traders?), but not a little retail trader like me?
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