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    Hi all,

    I'll be starting out trading 100 shares at a time. I wont be holding any position overnight.

    With IB bundled 100 shares = $2 round trip.

    Will unbundled be cheaper for 100 shares?
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    why you dont go to the homepage and read the stuff about commissions????

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    I have. I wanted to hear from ppl with first hand experience with this setup so I know EXACTLY what to expect when I place a trade.
  5. Well, I don't know about stocks but with unbundled futures I have seen some contracts go up slightly and others go down. Overall, I am saving around 4 cents per contract just by making the change to unbundled. I decided to change to unbundled because I rarely hold overnight positions and can avoid the ten cents/contract fee. Otherwise, I probably would have stayed with the bundled package. Hope this helps.
  6. Please chill out with the spamming every thread about IB and this issue. You are complaining about how IB treats CONDITIONAL stops (i.e. stops orders that IB simulates because the exchange does not support them). It has no effect on native stops at the exchange. Therefore, if you do not like how IB treats stops that they implement in their software then do not trade at IB. It took me five seconds to realize what the difference was when I posted a similar question but apparently you still have not.
  7. I you use the SMART routing you can reduce your to to 0.70 for 100 shares on average. Sometimes more sometimes less. It depends if you take (market order or an instantly marketable limit order) or provide (getting hit) liquidity. The difference is the cost/rebate for liquidity depending on where your order gets executed.
  8. Excuse me, but this is not a new revelation and you keep posting IB's documentation so clearly they are not hiding the fact that SIMULATED stops on TWS have additional criteria. You are confusing the issues between NATIVE and SIMULATED orders so maybe it is you who is not very bright. sorry
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    you know, there's a hundred and seventy-two other IB threads you can spam wit this nonsense since you feel a need to stray outside the original thread you started.

    what are your other id's per chance?
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