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    Im opening an account with IB soon to trade ECBOT 30 yrs, I have read a lot of posts here and it seems traders use another charting service for their charts. Are IB's built in charts any good? I use mainly 2 and 5 minute candles.

  2. they not bad if u have cybersight, r0r....if u use candlesticks i advice u to change background colour to dark grey, candles to white'n'bright red, shadows black'n'da rest can be left as it is...better combination i found so far: certainly da easiest on da eyes.
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    I'm starting to grow fond of th IB Charting.
    I trade based on Price alone with no indicators and the charts look pretty nice.
    I actually stopped renewing my 1 year subscription of eSignal last month and just using IB charts now.

    There are two things that bother me about IB charting.
    1. To change symbol, I have to type in the symbol and click stock and ok before the symbol comes up. With esignal or qcharts, it's only typing in the symbol and hit enter.
    2. When the timeframe is more than 1 day intraday, there is a big empty gap (see attached pic) between each day. I usually use the 1 day - 2 min chart.

    Good Luck!
  4. as i set 'em up: 2days/5min
  5. I would switch next week....but i heard that there is some delay in the data (by delay i mean a few seconds).... its no big deal for swing trading, but for day trading it can be an issue.

  6. on da island charts there's continuous tradin'n'therefore no gaps...prob is that they are tougher to read cuz of lesser liquidity than smart'n'as a consequence thinner candles.
  7. Are you kidding?
    IB data speed and execution speed is probably among the best in the industry

    In another thread I posted results of execution speed measurement I've done from the time TWS detects limit order is marketable, send it over the internet to IB servers, from there to the exchange, getting filled, back to IB server, back to my TWS with acknowledgement.
    I tested 10 different ES trades. The delay (or latency) was 110-190 miliseconds.
  8. I meant the data on the charts.... not IB.

  9. u have to be kiddin' me; they prolly umbeatable..unlike ensign or esignal where there's often a lag...ib charts NEVER lag.
  10. ok so where do i get these IB charts??:confused:
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