IB bug

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by NKNY, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. NKNY


    After entering a bunch of short orders and then clearing my page of positions that have zero shares, NGS keeps coming back.

    I cant get rid of this stock...lol Any one else experience this.

    this is on build 854.7
  2. Did you have a position in it that closed today? If so, it will keep coming back until it clears the system overnight, I think. Good luck.
  3. NKNY



    Yes I think I did have a position in that stock.

    Now I just went flat 15 positions and 13 keep showing up again after I clear zero position.

    I wonder if they will clear by tomorrow...

  4. Yes, I think they stay on until the next day.
  5. NKNY


    Hi , just got back from vacation....:)

    I can understand positions stay on until the next day but I dont think it's normal for them to come back after I hit "clear zero positions". They clear and then come back in a few minutes...

    I just un inatalled tws and reinstalled but same thing...

    I just exited some more positions this morning from the same pc...I wanted to exit from my other pc to see if its pc specific but in my rush I forgot...anyway, I think it's my pc...A recent upgraded to windows pro may have something todo with it......

  6. MR.NBBO


    I've had tickers stick in the very first line on my TWS trading page before--and I can't delete them. I just deleted the page, and started over again, leaving the very first line blank. Yeah, strange glitch that showed up 3-4+ versions ago.