IB breaks down again this morning!!!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by BPtrader, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. no futures data, this broker is getting worse and worse.

    And nobody is picking up the phone now........

    Anyone else?
  2. no problems here
  3. I cant even log in my account from this morning
    keep say unable to open
    IB Workstation
  4. BSAM


    Log in on a previous version.
  5. I had performance issue with the latest version. I switched to previous version, it worked fine so far.

    Trading system is critical, should not be a test bed. I heard space shuttle uses used chips, even though less advanced,but reliable. We may learn something from that.
  6. I finally got through to the customer service and got two versions of answers:

    Version 1 (From option 5, that is, press button 5 on your phone):

    I asked: no es or nq data here, something going on?

    agent answered: we have no problem here.

    I said: I am reporting a problem NOW. where is the beta version of TWS? I was using that version in the past few days, I want it back.

    agent answered: don't use the beta version, stop using it, don't you get the email that you shouldn't use it?

    I said: No, I didn't receive any email. Beta version was working fine, tell me the reason why I shouldn't use the beta version?

    agent stopped talking, and I shouted "hello, hello, hello" and nobody was there. I hung up.

    Version 2 (From option 6, that is, press button 6 on your phone):

    I asked: no es data, where is the beta version of TWS?

    agent said: the TWS you are using this morning IS the beta version!
  7. BSAM


    Log in on the TWS 897 Sept. 4-2009 version. Then, you will get ES data.
  8. Welcome to the McDonald's of retail brokers. Low price = Low service level.
  9. moarla


    no problem with IB. Beta is a test version for testers. So if you idiots are not traders but testers have fun....
    my normal version works day in day out with NO problem
  10. wrong... I can't even think that it isn't intentional... Please try any other massively online system... none as the same problem as the trading retail industry... online poker, online gaming... none has as many downtime as this shitty industry.

    the only rightfull question is : How does the retail industry profit from this ?

    I don't have the answer...
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