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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ddunbar, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. ddunbar

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    IB's booktrader is still lacking features found in many of the thrird party apps. It needs some functional improvements. Just a few if they are worried about infringment.

    1. Ability to default to bracket order mode

    Add a check box in config to default to bracket order mode instead of having to hit ALT+Mouse click. Also an indication in the booktrader denoting that you are in bracket order mode.

    2. Ability to independently set offset for Stop/STP LMT and Limit in bracket order.

    This one is scheduled for implementation. The idea being the ability to set stop loss and target defaults.

    3. Ability to set whether or not ordersare transmitted instanteously or entered as an order line in TWS for manual transmission

    As it says.

    4. A simple graphic display showing where your bracketed limit(exit) and Stop(loss) are.

    Such as adding a narrow column on the left and right of the DOM which colors a box as per user defined on the "ladder" showing where your Limt and stop are.

    I know, there's always bracket Trader, Zero line, etc. But they have more advanced features which in many cases are worth the price. But TWS should have some more basic features in booktrader for those who really don't need the advanced features of the 3rd party apps.

    I'd use the new features poll but only one suggestion is allowed at a time.
  2. xiaohu


    I'd like to add:

    1. Include the ability to set multiple Target Limit orders for bracket orders.

    Currently when setting hotkeys for buy/sell although the option is there to set 3 target levels, we can only choose 1.
    I wonder why ?

    2. The ability to set 1 hotkey to stop and reverse.
  3. jtnet


    get quotetrader, its free, links with IB
  4. and those hotkeys and utterly useless when u have to click the mouse as well.
  5. DAV

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    Suggestions 1-3 are configurable in hotkey setup. Suggestion 4 we are working on.

  6. Beebers


    May I add:

    Ability to DRAG an order to a new level.

    If upgrades are done: configurations of booktrader should not be wiped out.
  7. ddunbar

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    Sorry folks, I flubbed.

    Actually, items 1 -3 in the opening post are already possible in booktrader.

    Here's how to access it.

    1. Go to customize from booktrader.
    2. Select hotkeys.
    3. Select one of the actions under configured shortcuts then hit configure.
    4. You can change the click event to what ever you like.
    5. remain in configure hotkey and click the customize tab. There, at the bottom you will have bracket order offsets.

    Pretty cool.

    Only thing remaining in initial post is item 4, but that's in the process of being implemented.
  8. ddunbar

    ddunbar Guest

    Another flubb on my part.

    Item 4 in the original post is already implemented.

    Under booktrader configuration, if you check display status column, it will show your limit exit and stp loss graphically beside the price level these are set at. It will also show the order status such as working, filled, cancel. The order size also.

    Book trader is more versatile than I thought.
  9. also, booktrader already allows the ability to drag an order

    i do that several dozen times a day

    before you ask for features in booktrader, check to see if they already exist
  10. ddunbar

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    Believe it or not, that is already implemented. Simply click +HOLD on the order, a cursor with an arrow and box comes up, drag it to the price level you want it and it will automatically cancel/replace.

    Edit: Whistler beat me to it.
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