IB Booktrader with Bracket Orders?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by canuck, May 26, 2018.

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    Hey guys, apologizes if this was already discussed.

    Question, can IB booktrader have automatic brackets (stop loss, profit target) set-up?

    I know if it's armed the order will go into the market with one touch, but I would like my OCO stops to go in as soon as I'm filled.

    I used Sierra in the past and that was pretty good and simple, maybe I should just use that as an interface (or something else that's better?) if IB doesn't have that capability?

  2. This help ?

  3. canuck


    Thanks, but no.... I know you can enter them manually, but I want them entered automatically so when you put your order in, the brackets are ready to go (for ex. profit +10 ticks of order entry, stop loss 6 ticks etc..) and you don't have to enter them after the fact (other than moving them up or down etc...).
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    Get thee to thy BookTrader webinar, and allth shall be-ith revealth.

    (You might even shortcut it by just googling for the webinar notes, which might save you some time. The brackets you describe worked like a charm for me. ("Back in the day" and all that.) Were I to tick-scalp today, I would re-up my watching of the latest Booktrader webinar, and set brackets. AND THEN I'd make damn sure I watched the 1-minute ATR of my target, to make sure it was at least twice my target scalp.)

    Best Wishes.
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    Actually, that's pretty bad. Recognizing that the guy was new to IB and TWS, still, he posted *numerous* errors and misunderstandings. The video should be taken down, as doing more harm than good.:(
  6. I've watched that but I don't remember there being anything about brackets in it.
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    Well, that wouldn't be the first silly thing that IB has done.
    (Amongst other things, they took down 90% of their old-but-still-relevant webinars. Jeez.)

    In any event, the first thing I would do is to check under Edit/Global_Configuration/ and either look at Order Presets or BookTrader/Order Presets. (I'll do this on Tuesday if no one else does. For now, me and The Box need to maintain a sweet distance, if you know what I mean...:D)
  8. Ok I think this guy has it .. in Spanish but actually really easy to follow.

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    But you need the right soundtrack.....