IB - Booktrader 906 no more single click!

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  1. IB, please, please reconsider, this is asinine. If this is for liability reasons, make customers sign a waiver.

    I do thousands in commissions every month, 95% of which is single click scalping on Booktrader, and will be forced to take my business elsewhere if this is imposed.


    TWS 906 "features":

    BookTrader Order Confirmation

    BookTrader users will now be required to confirm their intentions before transmitting an order. Clicking in the Ask or Bid size columns will no longer result instantaneous transmission but instead will invoke the new Order Confirmation box with your order summary. Click Transmit to send the order, Cancel to cancel the order, or Open Order Ticket to make changes.
  2. Agree, Booktrader already needs to be "armed" before any orders can be transmitted. I can see no reason to impose this change.
  3. rcj


    Yep i just shut down v904.9 and loaded up 906.

    Oh man !!! thats a real cute little pop up. :(

    We is screwed ...

    Back to 904.9 i go.
  4. gov


    That's nuts; I would like to see IB repeal this. In the meantime, thanks for the warning, I'll stay at 905.4 till they come to their senses...
  5. Guys, you serious?

    Never realized that there are IB-compatible booktrader replacements that offer better functionality?
  6. Curious change. Would like to hear why they felt the need to do this.
  7. rcj


    Yeah ... been using ZLT for several yrs., bro. Works great.

    Its just that...uhh...well...BookTrader is kindah cute except
    for the damn new feature...:D
  8. This new feature is horrible for scalpers, the one click orders was part of the reason I wanted to start using booktrader.
  9. codehead


    The extra-fun thing was that tech support didn't seem to know this last week (a few of them knew it today). I had seven different tech support guys on in just one of my calls last week, and not one knew it was a new "feature".

    Of course it's insane to even bother having the booktrader feature if trades require confirmation. It's bad enough that the initial order requires confirmation, but if you are configured for automatic stop or bracket orders, and you want to modify them during the trade by dragging, yes, you have to confirm those changes as well.
  10. Wow, this is lame. Do we have an IB rep on this board anymore who can come and explain what the heck they are thinking? I've become quite fond of Booktrader, it's a fast little tool if you don't need to mess with custom strategies / bracket orders. I've got it customized to my liking, but now I'm going to have to pay a vendor for a product that IB had previously given me for free?

    I will stay on the 905 version as long as I can, but the thing with IB is they will eventually force you to upgrade because certain features will stop working if you don't.
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