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    Did everyone get the email communique on the new book trader? Any thoughts? I remember a few years ago the idea floated around on this site that IB would offer this at some point, and a lot of the posters were against it.
  2. It works fine but there are problems when trying to customize order types and some other details.


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    Are traders already using this? This is the first I've heard about it.
  4. Uh oh....ButtonTrader, NinjaTrader, ect., have competition and the
    competition doesn't seem to charge anything... :p
  5. About time IB put something together!

    Personally, I think that NinjaTrader and ButtonTrader users are using these products for the value add above the basic point and click interface. I think that this new IB UI is great and will serve a great many IB account holders who want something better than the standard market data line entry but dont need and would nor pay for the products mentioned above.
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    I agree , this new book from IB looks simple and useful but there will still be many traders who want the extras that Button trader and Ninja have.
  7. I've used it for a few days. Works very well for how I trade the minis.
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    Are you using the bracket order type? If you do , did you figure out a way to send protective stop-limit orders to Globex as a part of the bracket order? The default is set to stp order and I couldn't find a way to change it.


  9. No I haven't. I've entered/exited on limits and stops only (manually).
  10. I used the Book Trader today for the first time. I liked it. Faster trades. I'm sure improvements will be coming. Kudos again to IB.

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