IB Bond fees are too high

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  1. IB charges 0.25% for trading bonds, which is prohibitively expensive when you just wanna flip them for a few percent more. What other brokers offer lower fees on bonds and reasonable margin requirements / margin rates?
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    We do not offer fixed income but $2.50/bond does not seem like a lot.
  3. Compared to paying half a cent per share on $100 shares (0.005%) it's 50x
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    Nah, you got the pricing wrong I m afraid, or what bonds are u talking about ?
  5. I bought the OXY 4.1 Feb01'21 at 75 yesterday
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    well, that´s a bit short for information, for how much did u buy and how much did IB charge U in commission ? maybe post that part of the activity statement so we can have a look, including the commish. I´ve bought a bunch of corporate bonds through IB in 2019, usually for 100k each, and commissions were on par with what is advertised in the screenshot above, or link below

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  7. I was off by one decimal place in the OP. It's actually 0.025% which is not too bad.
  8. But in the actual transaction history it looks like they charged considerably more than 0.025%. It's like 0.05%-0.2%
  9. Have you tried negotiating with IB? I trade bonds as well.