IB bids/ask disappearing

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  1. Market bids/asks disappearing and appearing (seems by exchange) just a function of speed of quotes? First time after FOMC meeting I've seen this happen. Anyone else getting this?
  2. tmb


    Yes, I've had it four or five times already.
  3. Yes, their quotes on equities and options have gone down here in Chicago three times; and, as I was typing this it went down again!!!

    Not happening on any other data feed.

  4. lsudaytrade was experiencing the disappearing quotes on ES after the FOMC announcement. I was talking to him online while this happened. I was also trading at the time, and my quotes from Open E Cry did not even go down for a millisecond so if your e-mini quotes went down, it wasn't the exchange.

  5. Fast,

    Did your e-cbot quotes stay up on Open E-Cry?

    I lost YM, ZB, ZN for about 10 min post announcement but Globex was fine with IB.
  6. Hey, I don't trade any of those instruments so I don't know if they went down or not. I normally trade ES, and only have the depth of market window up; the rest of the platform is minimized so not sure if quotes were working for e-Cbot. lsudaytrade was trading ES, and his ES quotes went down on IB, along with e-Cbot quotes.

  7. It just happened again, so it's definitely not volume related.
  8. accident?
  9. I don't understand why you guys tolerate this kind of service when better brokers with same rates as IB are available.

  10. yeah, my YM quote went blank for so long. I didn't know where prices were. Geez. And that BEFORE I got into a position. SO I was hesitant. Then when I was in positions, it went out again!

    Scary if you were on the righ side of the market on a day like today. Luckily I was on the right side.

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