IB Best_ecn problems on Friday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Eldredge, Oct 20, 2001.

  1. Eldredge


    Is everybody just getting used to IB's problems, or was I the only one that was having trouble yesterday? I haven't seen any other posts on the subject, but I was getting wacky quotes on Best_ECN all afternoon yesterday. Trades and executions seemed OK (I didn't use best ECN), but the quotes were way off. It makes me a little nevous. Did anyone else have the same problem?

    I did use Best Execution for the first time (I had been a little afraid of it) because of this problem. It worked fine and actually executed against ECNs every time I used it. I am considering using it as my main execution method on high volume big cap stocks. Does anyone have any warning or advise about this? Thanks for the input.

    I would like to thank everyone who gave me input on my new computer. I didn't want to bring the thread back to the front page, but I really appreciated the advice.
  2. Yes, Best_ECN quotes where weird here too during Friday afternoon but appeared to be OK in the aftermarket.

    I only use Best_ECN as it seems to provide a faster execution of orders.
  3. vinigar


    I had some trouble with feed and IB connections Friday....I checked their bulletins and help sections and they stated that they were having trouble...after that I was on guard all day and decided not to trade until late in the day...my experience is that once they report people having trouble they usually don't have all the dust settled until late and sometimes not at all...their breakdowns are rare though and I have not had much trouble...as far as BEST execution is concerned...in the begining they did have some trouble with it....however, I have been using best execution for all my trades for about a month now without any problems at all....I have had fast fills with only occasional problems with partial fills....I tend to watch the sizes more closely when there is heavy trading.:)